So back when we were moving off the old server and onto slashnet, I made a bot to yell at people to switch servers. It worked, and we moved about 90% of the channel across. However, I got bored with the practical applications, and added a poetry function. The poetry function feeds off a fortune file, which I've finally decided to host over here >

It has a broad mix of things that may or may not be considered poetry, from Desiderata to the WIPP text to "Closing Time" to "Rime of the Ancient Mariner" (which was the first thing I added).

Is the bot still going? Haven't been on the old channel and seen it running for a while...


@DHeadshot @kalium I put it back on today for fun, but largely it's achieved its ends.

Looks like there's still over 70 normal users on there. How many are duplicated on the new channel?

@DHeadshot about a third to a half. There's a mixture of people staying {for the spectacle, out of stubbornness, because they don't want to change their autojoin script} and also just lurkers who haven't spoken in a year or two.

Occasionally VictoriaB will go off on a diatribe or just yell "DO YOU LOVE DEBIAN" for an hour or two so that's fun.

Actually she kicked Randall earlier, that was fun.

@DHeadshot @kalium no need to worry, he's in the server. Heck, even changed the about page.

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