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Basic Rules

Things that aren’t allowed on the public timeline

The following content will be removed from public timelines, or deleted entirely at the administrator’s discretion. Please use post privacy settings to keep them off the public timeline.

  • Spam
  • Excessive advertising
  • Unmarked NSFW content, including nudity, gore or pornography

Things that aren’t allowed at all

If the admins see this, it will be removed entirely:

  • Harassment (If someone make a reasonable request for you to stop doing something, stop doing it)
  • Content which is intended to harm or incite harm towards others, especially minority groups.
  • Bots being run without admin permission: There are plenty of instances for running bots

Excessive breaking of the above rules may result in an account suspension.

If you see something matching the above, please report it so that the admins can handle it.

Instance staff

This instance’s admins are multiplexd and Kalium. multiplexd additionally manages this instance’s infrastructure; the servers hosting this instance are located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


xkcd.network runs code which is modified from the upstream version. In compliance with the AGPLv3, the code running on this instance can be found in our GitHub repository.