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Basic Rules

The following will be removed from public timelines or deleted entirely at the administrator's discretion:
  1. Pure spam: meaningless, repetitive or valueless toots.
  2. Blatantly hurtful content: Offensive jokes may or may not be fine, being hateful isn't.
  3. Being a bot, or being so botlike admins can't tell the difference. There are plenty of instances for Mastodon bots.
  4. Excessive advertising. Mentioning links and products is fine, but use common sense
  5. Unmarked NSFW content: Please see the NSFW rules section for details
  6. If someone makes a reasonable request that you stop doing something to/at/with them, stop doing it.

Excessive cases of the above may result in account suspension.

NSFW Content

Nudity, graphic content, gore, and otherwise NSFW content is allowed, it is not allowed on the Public Timeline, and must be clearly tagged. To get your posts off the public timeline, use the post privacy settings (globe/lock buttons when making a post)

Dealing with Admins

The rules and guides for this instance are largely stolen borrowed from the #xkcd IRC channel. Much of the same policies and ideas apply here as there.
  • Admins will try to make decisions that keep the instance good. If you disagree with that, email them.
  • Admins will talk to each other about decisions. Anything you say to an admin may be seen by other admins.
  • Admins are human, if we make mistakes we will try to resolve them as best as possible
All of these rules are subject to change, and the admins possess their own whims with which to govern the instance. If something happens which the rules don't cover, the rules might be changed to cover the thing which happened.


xkcd.network runs code which is modified from the upstream Mastodon version . In compliance with the AGPLv3, our modifications can be found in this GitHub repository.