And we're back, running Mastodon 2.6.1 (+ local patches)!

If anyone notices any problems or bugs, give me a shout. instance announcement Show more instance announcement Show more

New features with This Release (TM):
- Toot length limit has been bumped to 1024 characters
- The number of metadata tags has been bumped to 16
- The profile bio length limit has been bumped to 1000 characters
- The display name length limit has been bumped to 48 characters

....aaaaaaaand we're back! is back, running Mastodon 2.5.2 with added extras.

There will be interruptions to service on later today, as I'm going to update our instance to Mastodon 2.5.2, and hopefully merge in a few feature patches while I'm at it., coming to you live with's mastodon patch which allows profile bio text of up to 413 characters in length.

This is a little experimental, but we're in a position to revert to stock mastodon if anything distressing happens.

Mischief managed -- bus factor mitigations are now in place.

I'm doing some brief admin work on to try and reduce the bus factor a little. There may be some brief interruption to service.

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