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bus terminal

tired: place where you get onto or off a bus
wired: screen /dev/ttyS0

What I should do: set up a cron job to get nginx to periodically reload the SSL certificates.

What I'm going to do: reload nginx at random whenever I remember to do it when I'm logged into that server.

The fact that the certificates are actually renewed properly does mean that all of the horrendous shell script glue that I have in place for the wildcard certificates does actually work.

I just learned the hard way that my letsencrypt cronjob doesn't reload nginx when it renews a certificate...

@multiplexd and I are poking around an old implementation someone made of pesterchum it's a truly incredible feat. They've implemented the entire thing on top of IRC but with a ton of in-band signalling.

I was kind of down and out because I'd run out of triple A batteries to put in my headphones, but I found a TI-83 that I forgot that I had which just so happened to have a load of triple A batteries taped to the back.

I just had an idea for something, but it would require Yet Another server, which I would rather like to avoid.

I say "dropped support for one of my phones", but Lineage only supported one of the two in the first place, so it's more accurate to say "my phone with LineageOS on it is no longer supported".

This is frustrating, especially because it's the one I let all the google stuff onto.

Dynamically linked executables (and dynamically linking as a process) have always been a thing of wonder for me because of all the weird moving parts and hacks, from LD_LIBRARY_PATH to -Wl,-rpath.

But today I learned that the binutilts linker has a --wrap option which allows you to do some funky symbol munging. I've now seen this option used in order to instrument code without modifying it, which was pretty cool.

Tfw you can tell how far a compiler has gone through compiling by reading the runes resulting from running strace on it.

Hmm, LLVM is catching up to gcc in version numbers... I wonder if the two projects will start competing to see who gets to version 10 first...

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