Who would win?!?

Two (2) Mastodon webpack asset precompilation tasks?


One (1) multiplexing daemon with somewhere else to be in half an hour?

Oh and prometheus's node-exporter didn't start up correctly either on *any* of the xkcd.network servers.

Welp, we now have a twelve hour gap in our metrics, I guess.

Oh, all this program actually does is frob something in sysfs to change the screen backlight brightness. I only wrote it because I got a really cheap netbook and I couldn't get the backlight keys to work and hadn't at that time heard of acpid.

But I still use it, and have it installed on all of my laptops running Linux. So I guess it has stood the test of time.

This program was the first proper bit of code I ever wrote in C (to replace a rather unintelligent shell script). I don't particularly enjoy coming back to this code due to its age (doubly so before I totally rewrote it back in July out of frustration), and I honestly want to just get shot of it sometimes.

I've personally considered the project complete for at least a year and a half, but it turns out that someone liked it so much that they got it packaged in Fedora (during the Fedora 25 cycle IIRC) and opened a bunch of PR's to make it easier for distro maintainers to package.

Wait, hang on, that code is *three* years old.


It never fails to surprise me that the first project I put up on GitHub over two years ago remains one of my most popular pieces of software which still attracts new users.

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Oh wait, I didn't push the fixes for stricter NICK handling from my VPS's local tree.


My IRC client just crashed with a malloc-internal assertion error.

I'm both impressed and utterly terrified of what I might find if I start running valgrind on it to debug this.

It also helps when I remember to enable Grafana on heimdall and set the source NAT address on the firewall rules for passing hedwig's traffic through hermes to the right one.

Rebooting xkcd.network for kernel updates in-situ: Postgres and Redis come up before the wireguard mesh does, which causes Mastodon to get a little sad.

I got an email notification from a GitLab instance.

The email contains JSON-LD.

The JSON-LD is stalking me beyond Mastodon...

Me: Hmm, a new version of some software came out. I'll deal with that later.

Also me: *works on merging the new version with my local patchset while I'm meant to be going out to meet a friend for dinner*.

Easily fixed though; I'll update xkcd.network at some point in the next week -- I have other things to do this evening.

Hah, I just tried to merge the upstream 2.7.2 tag into xkcd.network's codebase and I got a bunch of merge conflicts because of the local changes to change the error page image to a static png.

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