Sometimes I think I have the same sorts of feelings towards old computers that other people do towards old cars...

This is also the reason why I have three different instances of firefox running under separate users right now.

@kaniini @diodelass

I found a fix: setting "config :pleroma, Pleroma.Web.Endpoint secure_cookie_flag: false" fixed the issue. (I'm using plaintext HTTP over the loopback, so secure cookies fall over.)

@kaniini @diodelass Fun times -- for some reason your replies didn't federate back to for some reason.

I had to go and read the conversation on and to see them... :/

@kaniini hey there, I'm playing around with Pleroma in a VM right now, and I've used qemu's TCP passthrough to allow me to access the instance on the VM from my host machine. For some reason, the mastodon frontend prompts for an OAuth login, and when login details are entered it goes into a redirect loop which comes back to the OAuth sign-in page.

Do you have any idea what to do about this? I suspect this is a pathology of the way I have this set up.

(As well as the time taken for me to complete the various activities I write about, it also takes me quite a while to write the text of the blog posts. I find it takes me two or three attempts at starting to write it to decide on a structure I like, and I often find I need to go back and edit/rewrite previous sections once I've written later sections.)

Some of the stuff I'm writing about (for example, the Xserve kernel hacking) took several hours of hyperfocus over the course of an evening to produce something useful, but the blog post I eventually wrote about it was rather... brief

I've just re-read a few of my recent blog posts, and it's interesting how short they are to read based on how long it took me to write them.

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vi users need to escape, but emacs users are in control


I now have two blog posts brewing: netbooting the 6.4 installer on macppc and rolling one's own syspatches...

I just managed to netboot my iBook from the Xserve, which was much easier than I anticipated.

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Hmm, maybe I should be using some sort of thread-safe queue and doing all the I/O in one thread, instead of trying to manage it between two threads.

That's probably not a bad idea. Cue more code deletion.

It's not *that* complicated, as there's only two threads I need to co-ordinate, but both of them have multiple error and exit conditions, and there's some linkage which needs some delicacy.

Me, halfway through writing some fiddly multithreaded, event-driven network/GUI glue code: "Ahhhh... let's doing something therapeutic and delete some code."

*deletes all the code written in the last half an hour*

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