I was asking folks about the intro to OSes course I might take next year.

They teach the OS course in Java

I just

What is wrong with everyone

Please I promise the CS students can look at pointers they'll be fine

There are real computers behind your VM, I'm begging you

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@stereo @kalium unfortunately this includes search by tags, so if the body of a post with matching tags contains a swear (or the tag is " porn") it is instantly blackholed.

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[suddenly busts in the door kramer style about a year late] WHO CALLEd it suricrasia online instead of wireshark

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Every now and again I find myself using Tumblr Search and it's almost comically terrible. They have an elementary-school approach to filtering that means if you say even One Swear in a post it can never be found by search.

Thiis would be even funnier if it wasn't also upsetting.

Today is the first day that having a single 120GB SSD in my laptop has caused issues.

Installed an FPGA IDE for class and it's 24GB, on top of 14GB of MATLAB. Was finally enough that I didn't forsee the final usage and had to delete media (my local copy of Freeman's Mind).

there's something incredibly comical about a blog whose last post was making fun of people who thought the 2012 apocalypse was gonna happen.

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Fact: Karl Marx has never played a single videogame.

@riking @multiplexd nope! very literal in-band signalling if you connect with a normal client, think more MS Comic Chat but even more fun.

@multiplexd and I are poking around an old implementation someone made of pesterchum it's a truly incredible feat. They've implemented the entire thing on top of IRC but with a ton of in-band signalling.

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pretty shitty that alan turing never put any of his code on github

@diodelass this is a group of fluorines who have settled down and gotten a job in an office and wear cargo shorts on the weekend.

honestly learning that you can override Firefox's terrible abuse of dark GTK themes by creating the config string variable "widget.content.gkt-theme-override" in about:config and setting it equal to any other installed theme name you have was life changing, which probably says a lot about how bad the modern web is at theme integration.

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*Chinese phone communicates with Chinese server*
*Android phone communicates with Google's servers hundreds of times per hour*

I have uploaded the contents of the email here: awful.cloud/upl/no.zip

There's nothing obviously NSFW but it appears to be a random sampling from a large shared collection so CW Soft Gay Shit, probably some obscure kinks and insufferable Fake Deep Stuff from 16-year-olds.

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