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rakarrack is my new favourite piece of software, design-wise.

I used the Salt of Tartar glyph for my screen name somewhere but I'm thinking of changing it to one of these other ones, but I can't decide which is better because they're all cool and also tracing how accurate any of this is is a mess because alchemists are awful.

`hdparm` has honest to god the best manpage to read ever

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My team and I got some Ubuntu pins off a canonical employee we chatted to during our flight, I didn't have the heart to tell them that I don't have Ubuntu installed on any of my computers.

The rest of them use it, they make up for me.

Two of my teammates brought controllers, so this is happening at the boarding gate.

They are sitting next to each other in the flight

Sorry to their neighbours

On the left: one 256MB flash memory chip from the early 2000's.

On the right: 2x64GB flash memory chips from last year

aaah jeez friggin finally

that last level took

a while

Just occured to me that I do actually have *another* 2.4GHz antenna

Every now and again I forget that very professional, expensive and powerful red-team simulation software "Cobalt Strike" has a homepage that looks like this.

I don't forget it for very long.

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