@multiplexd and I are poking around an old implementation someone made of pesterchum it's a truly incredible feat. They've implemented the entire thing on top of IRC but with a ton of in-band signalling.

Somehow I thought I would get at least 40 on this, a tiny skew ortholinear rubber keyboard I've never used before.

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There's a new private security company that started where my parents live and I have A Few Concerns.

PVM is from an interesting part of history that I'm kinda sad to have never seen, because it was made for clusters with wild mixes of computers running varied architectures. There's a mailing list from '94 where users would say what they ran on it and uh, look at this stuff: All of these clusters have like, three or more architectures. @OCRbot

It gets worse the further back you go, because while MPI has a reasonably good logo, the older Parallel Virtual Machine looks like THIS:

Occasionally as part of what I'm doing I end up looking at the official logos for old simulation packages that are used every day to compute immensely complicated problems and have no doubt thousands of person-hours poured into them and they almost all look like this:

I've never actually seen any Dark Souls gameplay footage until today but now I really want to get it because this dog gets a sword! What a good dog!

Lab manager just gave me some RAM, so that was weird. I don't think I have anything that needs DDR3 at the moment, unfortunately.

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I'm putting Ubuntu on this to do some testing and I put it on it's side to help keep it cool, apparently it has an orientation sensor?

Also because there's no way it would be good, it assumes the screen is in the same plane as the body. Have to lean it forwards to right it.

More Celeste! The core was rough but not that rough? I expected it to be a lot harder. Still died like 500 times though.

here's a weird item I forgot I had for a bit: University of Texas branded belt buckle for the Stampede 2 supercomputer. My team got one of these each when we were visiting for training. They're very weird items but cool enough that I don't care.

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