Hmm, last system update broke Nvidia drivers on this laptop. I don't have time to debug this now, fortunately I'm a gremlin of a human being and I don't really use the graphics for important work anyways.

Nvidia continues to be Not Exactly Great For Linux.


preliminary investigations show that attempting to inspect the PCIe devices, memory, or basically any hardware causes the machine to instantly crash, so, uh, that's fun. Probably indicates a bad driver somewhere.

It boots to desktop under Intel graphics, so that makes my life slightly simpler.

Sure my computers "may not work" and "suffer from bugs no one else has ever seen" or might be "haunted" but at least when something goes wrong I know who to blame.

It's me.

it seems to have been down to a packaging mishap with pacman, it seems fine now, although I sadly got bumped from the weed number kernel to kernel 5.0.2

@kalium my favorite user-configuration bug was discovering that the Windows 10 calculator used qwerty instead of dvorak until I run the Microsoft Store. + being on a different key is really quite annoying. They did fix it but it's possible that's just because the Microsoft Store always runs on boot now or something.

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