I'm considering Sway wm but it'll probably have to wait until I have time to port the tenuous pile of scripts holding my laptop's graphics configuration together from X11 to Wayland.

It runs if I've already got an X session so I think I can excise the X session and replace it.

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The weather went above 30°C for the first time in a year or so and is cruelly reminding me that I've lost any remnants of my desert adaptations.

This battery balancer from a friend's laptop is badly damaged and proprietary to boot, but I think it might make a cute necklace or something if I clear off some of the sharper parts and stray wires.

Could you not have just picked a different word entirely if you're so insistent on this.

Why are you like this

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my body is an engine that converts energy into mistakes

bsd-games is the most fascinatingly useful package I have ever installed.

It also does rot13, moon phase, tetris, snake, and like a dozen other things I can't remember.

I've actually had these for a while but they were buried under a load of modifiers and ran in "default." allocating a mode means I can actually click without having to go emacs on this thing.

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Not sure if sagely nodding Spiderman or rotating vapourwave potato chip.

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This is a model of a Roman kitchen from 1 AD, over 2000 years ago. I like it because it's still basically recognizable as a kitchen. I wanted to share this because to me this shows that some human things never really change, and I think that's nice.

Conclusion: butterfly soup is good and fun, I'm going to go buy it now and you should play it. It's got a fairly tight demographic focus but I'm like, at least ⅝ of that focus so I enjoyed it a lot. YMMV but it's free to try and that's all I got.


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