*flipping through processes on htop*


Same, slack. Same.

1/3, Electromagnetics down. Went okay! Fortunately the lecturer I had this year is a dyed-in-the-wool engineer who prefers to avoid deriving equations and instead focuses on practical design maths.

I have three exams in the next 40 hours and I'm gonna admit that this isn't ideal.

Oops I cognitohazard'd myself.

I wrote a tiny program for doing the silly tumblr meme of playing only every second beat of a song and then I also made like 100 every second beat posts on tumblr

One of my favourite ones is andmaybegayer.tumblr.com/post/ and you can see all of them here: andmaybegayer.tumblr.com/tagge

and now for many of these songs I can no longer listen to the original without my brain skipping to every next beat.

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Got my cool new stickers from @iliana's wobscale emporium, they're neat as hell.

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Look I like python generators and comprehensions as much as the next person but I just saw an example which took me a good ten seconds to read correctly:

def match(pattern, lines):
return (line for line in lines if pattern in line)

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I never really understood xkcd.com/303/ as a teen because at worst my code took like, a minute to compile, but now I'm building big ol' binaries that have six large dependencies and take 10-15 minutes to build and it makes sense now.

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Hi, I sometimes make labels for silly products for you to pick up and gawp at / steal in immersive theatre shows.

*a fancy wizard riding rides a unicorn into a tattoo shop*

just give me the biggest panel van design you've got

Hell Yes Fixed it.

Now I just need to find out how badly my fix hurts my performance, because I would almost bet that it's suboptimal.

extremely glad the person who was handling this before me had the wherewithal to script it all well so while this is frustrating i dont actually have to look at it while its fixing itself

aaah i was compiling my code on a testing server with libraries i compiled myself but i didnt do it right and some system libraries contaminated my code and *banging pots and pans together* welcome to hell.

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ONE wolf inside of you
TWO wolves inside of you
THREE wolves inside of you
FOUR wolves inside of you

*the count voice* One-Hundred-Twenty-Three Gigabytes, ah ah aah.

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