Got #lineageos on an old Galaxy S6 finally! My wife has been upset for months that I hadn't got it working haha. The problem was the Korean market Galaxy S6s had a "system" partition 200MiB smaller than the LineageOS system image. I had tried repartitioning (trying to upload new PIT files) to expand the system partition with no luck. Today I tried doing a manual repack and it worked! Will do a proper writeup at some point.

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Probably the best Mastodon app with support for much of the rest of the Fediverse too. Still gets occasional crashes though, but it's in active development so they will eventually be fixed.

hey the IEEE i tolerate your spam but can you possibly not show me us government propaganda

Look I like python generators and comprehensions as much as the next person but I just saw an example which took me a good ten seconds to read correctly:

def match(pattern, lines):
return (line for line in lines if pattern in line)

I never really understood as a teen because at worst my code took like, a minute to compile, but now I'm building big ol' binaries that have six large dependencies and take 10-15 minutes to build and it makes sense now.

Hi, I sometimes make labels for silly products for you to pick up and gawp at / steal in immersive theatre shows.

Hell Yes Fixed it.

Now I just need to find out how badly my fix hurts my performance, because I would almost bet that it's suboptimal.

extremely glad the person who was handling this before me had the wherewithal to script it all well so while this is frustrating i dont actually have to look at it while its fixing itself

aaah i was compiling my code on a testing server with libraries i compiled myself but i didnt do it right and some system libraries contaminated my code and *banging pots and pans together* welcome to hell.

ONE wolf inside of you
TWO wolves inside of you
THREE wolves inside of you
FOUR wolves inside of you

*the count voice* One-Hundred-Twenty-Three Gigabytes, ah ah aah.

Okay, so I have a Thinkpad T460, which is my daily driver machine which I can't afford to break.

I've had it for nearly two years and haven't applied any firmware updates to it in that time, and I'm kind of thinking that it might be a sensible idea.

I don't have Windows installed on this machine at all -- how do I update the firmware on this machine without needing a Windows install?

Boots would be appreciated.

The difference between a #Windows user and a #Mac user is that when a Windows PC goes wrong, the user blames Windows whereas when a Mac goes wrong, the user blames literally anything else they can think of, because Macs "just work"!

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